NMHIC Service Details

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Interoperability Services:

Interface Connectivity Services: NMHIC HIE offers healthcare assistance to review current clinical systems, details, types of interfaces currently in production or are planned to be in production, and those that will be interfaced to the NMHIC HIE.
eHealth Exchange Network Gateway: Participant organizations may connect to the eHealth Exchange Network The Sequoia Project through the NMHIC HIE. This service creates a secure, standards-based, auditable and bi-directional connection between the NMHIC HIE and the eHealth Exchange network. The network allows exchange of patient information with other HIEs and federal agencies such as the Veterans Administration, Indian Health Services, and the Social Security Administration.

Continuity of Care (CCD)/Continuity of Care Architecture (CCDA) document exchange via IHE protocols, including XDS/XDR.

Integrated Longitudinal Clinical Record

Clinical Portal with Results Viewer: Access to a Patient’s Integrated Longitudinal Record
Clinical Data Repository (CDR): The NMHIC CDR consolidates data from a variety of clinical sources to present a unified view of a single patient. Data types stored in the NMHIC CDR include: patient demographics, allergies, encounter history, diagnoses, medication history, insurance information, immunizations, procedures, problems, lab results, pathology, radiology, and patient notes.
Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI): The NextGate EMPI database verifies the unique identity of individual patients to consolidate patient records from multiple facilities under one exchange-wide universal identifier.
Privacy & Security Management: The NMHIC HIE allows for secure access by authorized users. Participating providers are also required to meet the rigorous Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act privacy and security standards, as well as comply with applicable New Mexico requirements. NMHIC HIE offers services to assist users to comply with regulatory requirements, such as risk assessment and analysis, policy and procedure review, and development and training.

Client Onboarding Navigation

The User Adoption Onboarding team assists the customer in the adoption of the new solution, meeting them at their level of readiness. A full technical readiness review is also completed for organizations interested in sharing data where interfaces are documented, promoted to the production environment, and monitored post-go-live. Whether using the NMHIC HIE Clinical Portal, providing patient information, or both, customer-driven participation and collaboration is particularly important throughout the onboarding process.

Event Notifications

The NMHIC HIE can provide solutions for real-time notifications of hospital admissions, discharges, emergency department (ED), or lab result activity to the physician or to a care management team. NMHIC will work closely with participants to enable this functionality.

Workflow Integration

We offer optional workflow integration services, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Send to my EMR, Query Retrieval, Custom Event Notifications, Consent Flag Automation via ADT messages, and mobile applications to make it easier to use the HIE.
Single Sign-On: NMHIC HIE provides single sign-on capabilities enabling individual applications within existing information systems to be accessed seamlessly with a single login. Comprehensive and robust security features ensure that users are only granted access to certain information or applications based on their level of access. The user is able to toggle between the NMHIC HIE screen and local EMR screen to access patient information. SSO may be integrated into organization’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for improved workflow. (Basic URL Launch-Provider is redirected to the NMHIC HIE URL to access the requested record, or Virtual Integration—HIE access from within participant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.)
Send to my EMR options to download clinical data into the organization’s electronic record system.
Query Retrieve / Pull Technology The Health Information Exchange can support a query and retrieve function to allow your EHR to pull down a record from the HIE.
Custom Event Notifications Real-time notices can be generated when a patient is admitted or discharged, seen in the ED, or when clinical results are available. Notifications can be routed to an organization’s Care Manager for efficient care coordination. This requires a process for uploading existing patient lists to create relationships of patients to care coordinators and to set the consent flag.
Consent Flag Automation To avoid manually setting the consent flag in the HIE, the consent to view the HIE may be sent by the EHR via ADT interface (if the EHR is already used to manage consents).
Mobile Applications The portal can be viewed on a tablet.

Communication Services:

Direct Secure Messaging Options (DSM)
NMHIC is a full service Health Information Service Provider (HISP) providing connection services through the national Direct Trust network. Direct is not a brand name or a company; Direct is a transmission standard developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).
For more info on Direct: https://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/directbasicsforprovidersqa_...
NMHIC HIE contracts with Orion Health for its Direct Secure Messaging service, Communicate, which is an easy to use, fast and secure electronic communication service for clinical providers and others who regularly transmit and/or receive protected health information. Communicate looks and operates like email, but with security features such as point-to-point encryption required for protected health information (PHI).
NMHIC HISP services include: Organization-level identity management, Provider Directory with manual address sharing, certificate generation and management, and verification of message delivery. Orion Health is one of the most widely deployed HIE companies in the world.

Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) Web Portal -- This is the fastest and most basic way to connect to the Direct Secure Messaging ecosystem within the NMHIC HIE portal. Web-based secure messaging to send a message with attached patient information and selected documents or results from the NMHIC HIE, to another identified Direct user of the HIE Portal or National Direct Trust network.
Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) Direct -- This is the best option for organizations with Direct-compliant EHR systems, whose users work within the EHR interface. NMHIC is a full service Health Information Service Provider (HISP) providing connection services to the national Direct Trust network. NMHIC HISP services include: Organization level identity management, Provider Directory with manual address sharing, Certificate generation and management, Verification of message delivery. Fees for DSM Direct assume that participant does not require their own HISP and will participate in DSM through the NMHIC HISP/Direct Trust certificate.
Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) HISP to HISP -- Establishes connectivity and exchange of Trust Anchors with another HISP.

Education and Training:

NMHIC offers educational overview sessions, including HIE live demonstrations, an annual user conference, and monthly webinars to engage staff and equip leaders in identifying the benefits of HIE for your organization. Click here for more information.
NMHIC offers a Train-the-Trainer approach for onboarding participants, which includes training for all roles and user level access: clinical and support end-users, end-user administrator (help desk), consent administrators, and audit log review for privacy officers. Additional training may be needed for continued accurate use of NMHIC HIE for eHealth Data User clinical, operational, and administrative staff.

Help Desk Support:

NMHIC offers post-go-live HIE Clinical Portal Help Desk support to the participating organization’s help desk personnel daily from 8 am to 8 pm (help@nmhic.org or 505-938-9999). Upon request, NMHIC offers additional support services to remediate interface problems or issues the participating organization may not be able to resolve.

Public Health Reporting:

NMHIC has been authorized to provide Reportable Lab Results reporting and Syndromic Surveillance reporting to NM Department of Health for New Mexico hospitals.

Data Analytics:

NMHIC extracts data from Orion Health’s Clinical Data Repository (CDR) and then transforms and loads it into its own on-site data warehouse. This organizes data into a schema suitable for reporting and analytic purposes. NMHIC offers custom queries, extracts, reports, graphics, statistical analysis, and data exploration tools. Each organization has its own unique goals for data analytics. Analytics can be pushed to customers as needed to fit their needs. NMHIC has secondary data use policies and procedures that ensure appropriate access in compliance with all state and federal laws. Some examples include:
Clinical Data Repository Analytics
Customized reports to help organizations reduce unnecessary ED admissions and readmissions, including a history of utilization and a risk score for future admission.
Emergency Room Readmission Status
Clinical history is available from January 2013 forward
Readmission rates by hospital or healthcare system
Quality measures
Audit reporting

Core HIE Services includes the following:

NMHIC HIE Clinical Portal with Results Viewer -- Provides access to a patient’s centralized, Integrated Longitudinal Clinical Record. Includes: Clinical Data Repository; Enterprise Master Patient Index; Event Notifications (when a patient is admitted or discharged, seen in the ED, or when clinical results are available); initial client navigation, onboarding, and training; Privacy & Consent Management; access to the eHealth Exchange (Sequoia Project); and help desk support.
Data analytics and other custom work are in addition to core services and price is negotiated prior to work being done.
For participation information or to schedule a presentation/demonstration, please contact us --> https://www.nmhic.org/contact