Welcome to New Mexico's Health Information Exchange

Healthcare coordination and sharing of data is critical to improving wellness for all New Mexicans

NMHIC provides a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) that allows authorized healthcare professionals with patient consent to quickly access the patient’s history in one centralized record. An average person sees 18 different doctors in his or her lifetime, so it’s easy to see how vital patient history can get lost in the shuffle. This lack of data sharing reduces quality of care, increases cost and potentially puts lives at risk.

Appropriate, timely sharing of vital patient information from unrelated healthcare organizations and systems, such as hospitals, provider groups, diagnostic service providers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders, can improve care coordination and treatment at the point of care, increasing quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The value of the HIE is dependent upon the participation of members of New Mexico’s healthcare community. Read on to learn how you can join today.