Benefits of the NMHIC HIE

For Patients

  • NMHIC HIE consolidates information from various providers, reducing the amount of time patients spend filling out paperwork and briefing their providers on their medical history, and allowing more time for discussions about health concerns and treatments.
  • NMHIC HIE helps patients avoid unnecessary or duplicate testing, hospitalization, and emergency department visits.

For Providers and Healthcare Organizations

  • Timely access to more accurate and complete information.
  • Provides more information to improve evaluation, diagnosis, management, and treatment of the patient by seeing the most current medical history, results, and other information from wherever the patient received care.
  • Improves coordination of care as patients transfer among healthcare facilities and providers.
  • Helps facilitate more streamlined referral patterns.
  • Provides notifications when a patient is admitted or discharged from a hospital or received care elsewhere.
  • Provides access to diagnostic test results to avoid duplication of tests and services.
  • Allows engagement in HIPAA compliant, cost effective data exchange with physicians and other healthcare organizations.